This is a great opportunity to see La Noria,
which is a Colonial town and also to see the
process of making Blue Agave Tequila.
La Noria, Blue Agave Tequila and City Tour
This is a real Tequila factory, although the denomination of origin will not allow it to be called tequila, it is called Blue agave
product. There are 5 states in Mexico where the process is called Tequila, Sinaloa, is not one of those states. But this is one of
the best tequilas that you will find. Soon to be exported to the USA and Canada.
On this tour we go out north east of Mazatlan to visit a beautiful and colorful town of La Noria. We will visit a little place
where they make leather belts and they will even personalize them. He works so fast that you will not see his hands! Another
place we see is an old Hacienda from 1873 where they make Huaraches, the local type of sandals made of leather, horse
saddles, as well as many different unique arts and crafts.
We will visit the church of San Antonio and do a short walking tour of the town.
After we visit La Noria, we will go to Vinata Los Osuna to see how the Blue agave is turned into Tequila. You can sample it and
also buy some of this great artisanal tequila.
This factory is called Vinata Los Osuna
Since 1876, when the distillery was
opened, the factory located at kilometer
19 in the Habal – La Noria Highway has
been property of the Osuna family.
You will see all the blue
agave as you arrive at
the Tequila factory.
This is the main street in La
Noria. A very colorful town.
The church of La Noria is
called San Antonio.
They make beautiful
Horse saddles.
The process of making
Nice sandals and good prices.
Canopy now available!
Reservation is required
ahead of time.
La Noria-Blue Agave Tequila
2 Passengers $175us total        
3 to 4 passengers $225us total
Extra Passenger $35 us each
Lunch not included
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